Cirque Zuma Zuma Comes to Levoy!

March 9, 2016

If you’re a Cirque du Soleil fan, you will love Cirque Zuma Zuma – to be performed at Levoy Theatre in Millville, NJ on Tuesday, April 5.  Created by John Jacob, Cirque Zuma Zuma is an African-style Cirque du Soleil that features 120 performers and a live musical score.  The show features a wide variety of arts and circus skills.  It’s a high-energy dance act that’s part Cirque and part Harlem Globetrotters all rolled into one amazing experience of acrobatic ingenuity.


The Making of Zuma Zuma

John Jacob’s acrobatic skills took him away from his childhood home in Africa at the young age of 15 to tour the world, only to return with the dream of starting his own circus and helping its performers care for themselves and their families.  That he did in the form of Zuma Zuma, a company that is comprised of talented artists from across the globe.  In an interview with, Jacob said, “I didn’t have the opportunity to go to bigger schools or graduate because there were 14 of us and only my father bringing in income.  So my goal was to be able to help these performers work to send money home to their parents, to get food, or for their young brothers and sisters to go to school. Some of them can build a home or provide medical for their family. There’s a lot of things they do that I feel proud of.”

After many performances, the show drew the attention of audiences worldwide after being featured on “America’s Got Talent,” in 2011.  Jacob prides himself in showing a different side of Africa – one that’s unexpected.  Jacob explained that when most people hear Africa, they think dance, but the talents of the Zuma Zuma Company go far beyond that to include full-scale performing arts.


Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before

Since 2011, Jacob’s African Acrobats International company has opened circus schools in Kenya and Tanzania and is sending their graduates out across the planet to engage and thrill audiences.  Jacob’s performers are getting paid for what they love doing and provide for themselves and their families along the way.

You can see it for yourself on April 5 at 11 AM and 7 PM.  Get set to experience African culture at its best via:  African female vocalists and dancers, the Limbo dance, Gumboot dancers, acrobats, chair handstand dances, comedy, tumblers, contortionists, the Lion dance, percussionists, club and foot table juggling, and more.


Ticket Information

The show is suitable for all ages and tickets are available via the Levoy Theatre box office at 126-130 High Street in Millville, NJ.  Tickets may also be purchased online by clicking here.  Doors open 30 minutes prior to show time.  Don’t miss out.  Order your tickets today.