Arts for Smarts

“Arts for Smarts” is a program created by the Levoy Theatre to incentivize, encourage and promote academic success by way of reward of live theatre and music! The purpose of this program is to expose students to arts and culture within the community of Millville and instill a sense of pride in their own hometown theatre. Through this program, the Levoy provides vouchers which are redeemable for 2 free tickets (for the student and one parent/guardian) to select educational and family-friendly performances offered at the Theatre, as recognition for the student’s growth and success within the classroom. We believe that this program has the power to positively enhance the students’ (and their families’) quality of life. Through community involvement, pride in their hometown, and affirmation of achievement, this program brings the arts to students in an accessible way like no other.


Eligible Shows 2024


* Only 10 tickets available.

*** Seating Restrictions Apply.

This list of shows is updated regularly, so check back for new additions!

Arts for Smarts is made possible through partnership with the Millville Board of Education.