Auditions – Disney’s The Jungle Book, KIDS

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*Please note only participates of Levoy Theatre’s Summer Camp can audition for this production*


Music and Lyrics by Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman, and Terry Gilkyson.

Book Adapted and Additional Lyrics by Marcy Heisler.

Music Adapted and Arranged by Bryan Louiselle.

Based on the Rudyard Kipling novel and the Disney film.

The Jungle Book KIDS and Disney’s The Jungle Book KIDS are trademarks of Disney Enterprises Inc. All rights reserved. 



Presented by: The Levoy Theatre Summer Camp

Co-Director: Jada Mayo

Co-Director: Rachel Maselek

Music Director: Lauren Satinsky

Choreographer: Amanda Ellis

Stage Manager: Alicia Ellis

Parent Liaison: Curtis Matias

Education Director: Renee Brecht-Mangiafico




Embark on a jungle adventure that goes beyond the stage! In this captivating musical experience for kids ages 7-12, the jungle is jumpin’ with a jazzy beat in Disney’s The Jungle Book KIDS. Specially adapted from the classic Disney animated film, Disney’s The Jungle Book KIDS features a host of colorful characters and your favorite songs from the movie.


Banished by the ferocious tiger, Shere Khan, a human boy named Mowgli and his panther friend, Bagheera, are on the run in the deepest parts of the jungle. On their journey, the two meet a sinister snake named Kaa, a herd of elephants and a giant bear named Baloo, who teaches them the swingin’ musical rhythms of the jungle. After surviving a dangerous encounter with a band of monkeys led by King Louie, Mowgli and Bagheera are forced to run for their lives. When Shere Khan returns, our heroes must rally their fellow animals into battle and restore peace throughout the jungle.




Group A: Saturday, 7/13/24 @ 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Group B: Sunday, 7/14/24 @ 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Located at: 

The Levoy Theatre

126 N. High Street, Millville, NJ 08332



BAGHEERA – a panther, Mowgli’s cautious guardian

BALOO – a bear, Mowgli’s fun-loving friend

JUNGLE – the main ensemble of Indian flora, including JUNGLE THISTLE,


MOWGLI – a trusting and playful boy known as the “Man-cub”

WOLVES – the pack that raises Mowgli

SHERE KHAN – a ruthless tiger who pursues Mowgli

SHANTI – a curious girl from the Man village

KAA – a mesmerizing python

COILS 1-5 – the five coils of Kaa’s slippery body

COLONEL HATHI (HAH-tee) – the pompous leader of the elephant herd

ELEPHANTS – the faithful troops who follow Colonel Hathi

BABY ELEPHANT – Colonel Hathi’s youngest recruit

BEES – These friendly insects help show Mowgli the bare necessities.

MONKEYS – the subjects of King Louie, including SILLY MONKEY,


KING LOUIE – an orangutan, the raucous King of the Monkeys

DIZZY & ZIGGY – vultures who hope to make a meal of Mowgli




Orientation will take place at 4:30PM at the Levoy Theatre before auditions take place. Introductions of staff, overview of camp process, and questions or concerns will take place during this time.




Audition Dates: June 17th & 18th from 5-8PM, callbacks will be held immediately after auditions.

Auditions are optional. All campers who wish to not audition will be part of the ensemble.

Bring a typed list of conflicts from June 24th – July 14th. Be thorough and specific as this will be used to create our rehearsal schedule during camp. If you have any specific conflicts regarding which camp show dates your child must be apart of due to conflicts, let us know day of orientation.

NO conflicts will be accepted during our final tech week, July 8th – July 9th, or for any performances for which your group is performing.

Rehearsals will take place at The Levoy Theatre during camp.

If you have any additional questions regarding these auditions or Summer Camp as a whole, please email Curtis Matias (Parent Liaison) at or call him at 856-327-6400 ext. 110.




Prepare a song provided in the Google Drive from Disney’s Jungle Book, KIDS. 16-32 bars or 1-1/2 minutes is enough. Please be as memorized as possible.

For your convenience:

Audition Materials: Sing along tracks, audition sides and sheet music are located in this Google Drive:

Plan to arrive at the theater at 4:30PM for Orientation, if your child is chosen for a call back, please arrange to stay after auditions have completed.

Sign up for an audition time slot here:

Sign Up!



Callbacks will be held on both days directly after auditions have completed.

If your child is chosen during the audition process we ask that you hang around until callbacks begin.

We will have sides from the script for them to read depending on the character we’re interested in them for. Look over the sides in advance to get comfortable with the material.



Thank you, and we look forward to meeting all your smiling faces!

– Levoy Summer Camp Staff