Kids Summer Camp: 101 Dalmatians Auditions

kids singing around a piano
June 29, 2022

It’s almost time for the Levoy Theatre’s Summer Camp! Every year, both parents and
kids alike look forward to our summer camp.

This year, our kid campers will be learning 101 Dalmatians Kids, and our teens will be
performing You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Need I point out that both shows have dogs?
It doesn’t get much better (unless you are a cat person and want to go head-to-head with
The Aristocats Kids and Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Cats)!  Kids love it for the fun, and
parents love it for…well…it’s summer, and the kids are out of school. ‘Nuff said. Plus,
there’s the final performance of each show for friends and family.

Our camps are all about having fun while you’re learning; and, in the end, having
something to “show” for it – a performance.

The learning starts right out of the gate with the auditions.

Auditions for Kids Summer Camp

We don’t make kids audition. Students that don’t audition are still welcomed into the
ensemble. But those eager for a speaking part do need to audition. Auditions…they
sound so scary, don’t they? But for our summer camps, auditions are fun—and a learning

Case in point: our 101 Dalmatians Kids auditions this week. The auditions start with a
group of kids, all singing together about Kanine Krunchies with the guide vocals track.
When the kids feel comfortable with this, they progress to singing to a live piano

kids singing around a piano at summer camp










Miss Caitlin, the Director of 101 Dalmatians Kids, slows them down and playfully works
through pitch with them. Then the tempo follows, with the kids tapping their hearts with
their hands. Once they are all in rhythm, the diction follows: K-anine K-runches C-an’T be

Since this is musical theatre, though, we’ve got to incorporate some motion! Tiny
chihuahua, or hulking Great Dane, the kids throw their arms down low and then out wide
to show everyone just who loves those Kanine Krunchies!
camper auditioning at summer camp









After that, the kids pick up speed and sing their audition song to the instrumental track.
And finally, after a few times through, the kids are ready to audition on their own. They’ve had a
blast singing together, and have refined their audition piece in the process.

Callbacks are the next step, and by this time next week, we’ll be welcoming this year’s
campers to the Levoy!


This year’s summer camp is made possible in part by the generous support of Ocean First Bank. Thank you for making children’s dreams to shine come true.    

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