Summer Camp Blog # 1 – Acting

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January 28, 2017

Over the next 6 months, leading up to the kick-off of our Levoy Theatre Summer Camp, we will be taking you on an adventure through the ins and outs of what a life in the theatre might look like. This adventure is both for the kids attending our summer camp, their friends, and, of course, their parents! We’ll explore 6 different jobs that are critical to the success of any theatrical production. This month, we explore the world of acting as explained by current Levoy Theatre Summer Camper,  Naomi G. Jones! Stay tuned for our next blog post, coming at you next month!


Lights….Camera….ACTing in a Musical!

by Naomi G. Jones

If I had to define acting in a musical I would say that it includes singing, dancing and of course acting…all at the same time.  Acting in a musical can be so much fun because it can include all kinds of glittery costumes, cool sound-effects, and sometimes even a live orchestra.  You see, in a play, there usually isn’t dancing and singing, but in a musical I like that actors can use their entire bodies and voices to paint a picture for an audience.

If you have never performed in a musical, you should give it a try because it is a way of having fun on stage but in a serious and exciting way.  Just rememberTree Picture that no matter what ROLE you get they are all important. A role is the character or object you play in the musical, and it can be a leading character or an ensemble character or even an object!  I have played lead characters, animals, flowers, and other ensemble roles in many musicals, and you know what?  I had fun and learned so much in each role!  I learned that it’s not always about getting the lead part, it’s about doing your best at any part you are given.  

In a musical the show would be really boring with only the lead roles; you need the ensemble and other roles too! An ensemble can be a group of kids or adults, or both, that sing and dance throughout the entire show to help make it complete.  And sometimes, the ensemble can actually be in more scenes and do more singing and dancing than the lead roles.  So don’t be afraid to be a flower or a tree. You can’t even have a forest on stage without the trees.  Sure, the stage crew could use props but having someone play the actual role as the tree can add so much more life and creativity to the scene as you wave your arms as the branches. ☺  So, no matter if you are a lead character or a tree that sings in the forest your role is important!  Because acting out each part to the best of your ability is what it’s all about.  So, have fun while you make new friends, work as a team and paint beautiful and musical pictures for the audience. I’m sure you will love it as much as I do.  

I hope to see you on stage – singing, dancing, and of course…ACTING!


For more information on the Levoy Theatre’s Summer Camp, please visit or call us at (856)-327-6400!