Cast Spotlight for “The Who’s Tommy” – Stephen McBride

January 26, 2017

Featured in our weekly cast spotlight, is another one of the “sensation”-al cast members of the Off Broad Street Players’ production of The Who’s Tommy, coming to the Levoy Theatre’s stage in just two weeks.

Taking on the role of “Captain Walker” is Stephen McBride. He says that he is “thankful that this company made him feel so welcome during his debut performance at the Levoy.”

Stephen remembers, “My first and only experience with The Who’s Tommy was seeing it in another community’s production of the show. I couldn’t remember many specific plot points, but I distinctly remember being overwhelmed with the emotions I could feel from the cast in front of me.”

Stephen McBride
Stephen McBride plays the role of Captain Walker in OBSP’s upcoming production of “The Who’s Tommy.”

Throughout the journey that the main character, Tommy, goes on, his father, McBride’s role of Captain Walker, is right by his side. He explains, “there are many facets of his character I can relate to and internalize; from his brash ambition at the start of the play, to the guilt and eventual acceptance toward the end, and the romantic worldview he maintains through all of it.”

Stephen says that he dedicates this and every performance to his Mom and Dad.

Graduating from Cooper Medical School in May, McBride expresses, “Simply put, what’s most exciting for me about this production is getting to know and love this cast, and how they have welcomed me with open arms. I’m going to miss them terribly when it’s over.”

You won’t want to miss Stephen McBride take on the role of Captain Walker in OBSP’s stellar new production of The Who’s Tommy, sweeping onto the Levoy’s stage February 10 and running through February 19.
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